Documentary Academy

The Documentary Academy has two goals: we want to promote documentary cinema among people of different ages who come from different circles. We encourage them to “free their minds” too, also outside the cinema. This year, just as in the previous ones, we have prepared a number of events, which will teach various generations to be curious. Look and act!

Documentary Academy OKI DOKI

Documentary Academy OKI DOKI is the program of screenings of documentary films for the youngest audience combined with talks and workshops.

The heroes of this year’s films for the kids are the perfect examples of how much in our lives depends on our commitment, faith and fantasy. Chosen films also emphasize the importance and incredible power of friendship. After the screenings the Association SZTUKiSZUM will provide theatre and artistic workshops for children: FRIENDLY TANGLES and IDEACATCHERS.

Film allows us to create our own, imaginary worlds and on the other hand is the perfect tool to observe the surrounding reality. What are the fundamental differences between documentary and feature films? Is reality as inspiring as the world of children’s imagination? Are the youngest able to do films on their own? How to do it? Presented films and talks after the screenings will answer these questions and encourage participants to take part in film workshops HOW TO MAKE DOCS led by the team of REJS LABORATORY from the Association of Creative Initiatives KOD_KROWA.

Documentary Academy for Seniors

This year we also decided to develop our Documentary Academy for Seniors. We will screen three films chosen by known and respected film expert from Wroclaw, Jacek Szymański, a long time activist of Discussion Film Clubs and the leader of the Film Club of Seniors.

Chosen films are:  „La Chana” – a moving portrait of the gypsy dancer Antonina Santiago Amador who returns to the stage; “Siberian Love” – film in which the director confronts western model of love based on self-realization with the traditional life and lovestyle in the Siberian village and “Doing good” – film shot in the north of Norway where the famous healer works, is the story of the power of hope and love that is hidden in each of us.


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