Documentary Academy

The Documentary Academy has two goals: we want to promote documentary cinema among people of different ages who come from different circles. We encourage them to “free their minds” too, also outside the cinema. This year, just as in the previous ones, we have prepared a number of events, which will teach various generations to be curious. Look and act!

Students, teachers and parents

Primary school students will have the opportunity to see the best documentaries for children from the OKI DOKI section. This year we have prepared a choice of films about “Friendship”, including, among others the film “Rocknrollers” by Daan Bol, the winner of the Best Documentary for Children Award at IDFA Festival in Amsterdam. The second set of films, “Act!” aims to encourage children to engage and take matters into their own hands. Therefore we will present, among others, a film with the mysterious title “A cow in a wrong body” by Denise Janzée.

Documentary Academy for Seniors

This year we also decided to develop our Documentary Academy for Seniors. Within the Seniors Club a screening of the film “Doing good” will be held. After the film there will be a debate with film theorists, PhD students of the University of Gdansk and members of the Research Institute for Production and New History of Cinema, Paulina Pohl and Krystyna Weiher-Sitkiewicz.




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