Tickets available now!

You can purchase tickets for the 13th edition of Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in each festival venue now!
Regular tickets can be purchased online.
For more information see www.kinoteka.pl , www.kinoluna.pl , http://www.iluzjon.fn.org.pl/
IMPORTANT! Tickets sold at each venue are valid only for shows at this venue. Tickets purchased at different venues do not count toward the PAKIET 10+ package deal.
You can make reservations by phone at each venue (only during the festival) and online via weach venue’s website.
You can pick up your reservations an hour before the show.
Tickets are non-returnable.
Seats in our venues are not numbered.

12 zł per ticket with the purchase of at least 10 tickets to shows in a single festival venue. Tickets to shows in different venues do not count toward the PAKIET 10 package deal.
Shows before 4:55 PM:
Monday-Friday: 13 zł
Saturday-Sunday: 15 zł
Shows after 5PM:
Monday-Friday: 15 zł
Saturday-Sunday: 16 zł
Family tickets to shows in the Oki Doki section: 10 zł per person
School tickets to shows in the Akademia Dokumentalna section: 10 zł per person
Screenings in local cinemas: 13 zł
Senior citizen tickets: 10 zł
3D glasses are included in the ticket price where applicable.
Admission to debates is free (ticket holders to screenings preceding the debate will be given priority)
Admission to concerts is free