Krzysztof Paweł Bogocz

Krzysztof Paweł Bogocz, born 1969 in Jastrzębie Zdrój. University of Silesia graduate at the Institue of Politics, completed his specialization in journalism and the faculty in creation of cultural politics of the Republic of Poland. His master’s thesis concerned the problem of alternative forms of visual propaganda. During the 80s a musician and creator of underground an artistic acitivities in so called “third circuit”, conntected with “Antena Krzyku” in Wroclaw and “Brulion” community in Krakow.

During the 1990s connected with Public Television as a youngest creative team member of “Studio Form TV” (Adam Łukaszek, Adam Sikora, Jacek Januszyk, Tomasz, Donbrowolski, Katarzyna Sobańska, Piotr Szmitke, Jolanta and Leszczek Ptaszynski). Togheter with cameraman Adam Sikora created a dozen of 30-minute short form documentaries “Bez Zakłóceń” devoted to modern art, recognized in 1996 as the most interesting local Public Televison series. In the late 90s he began his work as an author and producer of short film forms, music videos and commercials.

He shot over 200 music videos and 50 commercials for nationwide and worldwide campaigns. He colaborated with bands, among others, Dżem,
Pudelsi, SBB, Ziyo, Lech Janerka, Homo Twist, IRA, Izrael, Pogodno, Akurat, Negatyw, Big Cyc, Jarosław Śmietana, Wojciech Karolak and Maciej
Maleńczuk. The R.E.M. band’s “Bad Day” video was shot on the basis of his script, he is an author of music video of Max Cavalery (Sepultura, Soulify)
“For the little Mouses”. He is an author and co-producer of many DVD releases, among others, the first polish golden DVD record (Pudelsi “Wolność
słowa”), golden record “IRA-Live!”, triple paltinium record “Dżem – Urodziny” and the first polish licensed Blu-Ray record “Dżem – Symfonicznie”.
Author of the production of Genesis concert “Classic” with the participation of Berlin orchestra members for the SAT1 live transmission.