Rong Guang Rong

Born in Jilin, China 1984. Currently lives and works in Beijing, China. At the age of 16 leaves home and moves to Wenzhou (China) to study photography at 3W Photograpic Studio. In 2003 he moves to Beijing to go on studying in 798 Art Discrict with artist and photographer Xu Yong and then at photographer Yang Jingsun’s 3 Photo Studio.

Rong Guang Rong worked as professional photographer and as director for documentary films to support himself while creating his first art works and studying cinema. In 2008 starts to take part in art exhibitions in China and abroad and go on studying video and cinema.

In 2010 Rong Guang Rong and Italian sinologist nd artist Ambra Corinti founded Zajia lab one of the earliest and most important independent creative spaces and artists-led organizations in Beijing. Rong Guang Rong latest projects are focused film making and curating independent film screening. His first long feature film is currently in post production.