Premiere of the film “Where You’re Meant To Be” dir. Paul Fegan and Aidan Moffat’s concert

Aidan Moffat is a legend of the Scottish alternative music scene. He is known for Arab Strap, which fit into the surreal sounds of the 1990s, combining poetic yet ruthlessly honest lyrics about the city life with electroacoustic music. One of his latest projects is his journey to the roots of traditional Scottish music. His goal is, on one hand, to show slowly dissapearing songs and culture, and on the other – to give them a contemporary tone, characteristic for the musician’s undertakings.

Moffat’s subjects are of sociopolitical nature: the mythological warrior from the ballad “Jock McGraw” (album “Where You’re Meant to Be”) is also a soldier coming back from Iraq. The inspiration to write the lyrics to the song was data about the number of suicides among soldiers coming back from war – higher than that of those who died in service. Aidan Moffat’s journey through breathtaking Scotland, his meetings with musicians, looking for inspiration and combining tradition with the present are the subject of the film by Paul Fegan “Where You’re Meant to Be”, whose Polish premiere will take place during this year’s festival. After the premiere, Aidan Moffat with accompanying musicians will play songs from the movie in
the cinema hall.

Sunday 14th of May | 7:00 p.m. | Iluzjon

Premiere of the film WHERE YOU’RE MEANT TO BE dir. Paul Fegan and Aidan Moffat’s concert

Entrance to the premiere and the concert at the price of a regular festival ticket