Concert of Pogodno

Pogodno, a band founded 15 years ago, is one of the most oustanding groups on the Polish alternative music scene and an inspiration for many artists. Members of Pogodno have played in many bands (Hey, Babu Król, Braty z Rakemna, BIFF) and with the most important artists in our country (Kasia Nosowska, Brodka, Łąki Łan, Kora). Pogodno wrote the music to the “Królowie Śródmieścia” (Kings of the Suburbs) TV series and co-created the “Tequila” radio show, based on Krzysztof Varga’s novel. The band is known for many songs, but they never focused on recording hit singles – they rather payed attention to releasing albums.

Their lyrics are characterised by a deconstructive approach to the Polish language, mixing it so as to create surreal songs, where music and voice are often interchangeable. 2017 marks the return of Pogodno – Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz, Michał Pfeiff, Marcin Macuk and Jarosław Kozłowski are preparing a new record entitled “Sokiści chcą miłości” (Railroad Guards Want Love). This year’s Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival will witness the world premiere of “Happy Olo – The Merry Tale of Olo Doba”, where Pogodno’s music plays a major role. After the premiere, Pogodno will perform for the festival’s audience.

Friday 19th of May | 10:00 p.m. | Cafe Kulturalna

Concert of Pogodno after the screening of HAPPY OLO – THE MERRY TALE OF OLO DOBA dir. Krzysztof Paweł Bogocz, Marcin Macuk

Entrance only with tickets to the premiere of the film HAPPY OLO preceeding the concert (25 PLN)