Fallen Flowers, Thick Leaves

Fallen Flowers, Thick Leaves
reż. Laetitia Schoofs/The Netherlands, Germany/2016/86 min.
Luna, sala B
Kinoteka, sala 4

An intimate portrait of women of different generations in modern day Beijing, who discover their sexuality and are immersed in a personal struggle to take control of their lives in a rapidly changing society dogged by tradition. 

The film concentrates on two main characters: the older Xiao (50), who was widowed several years ago and is currently trying to create a new life for herself, and the 32-year-old writer Wen Wen. She is what is officially known as a “leftover”, a term used in China since 2007 for single, childless women over 27. They are considered a social problem because, despite the fact that many are highly educated and attractive, today’s Chinese males fear their strength and intellect. Sexual psychologist Hongli Zhen, an expert on recent developments in Chinese society provides commentary and context. She gives sex workshops that encourage women – including our main characters – to see their sexuality differently, and use techniques that make them happy. Hongli is our guide through the world of today’s China’s sexual revolution.


  • projection time:
    86 min.
  • country/year:
    The Netherlands, Germany/2016
  • director:
    Laetitia Schoofs
  • pictures:
    Benito Strangio
  • production:
    Muyi Film
  • selected festivals and awards:
    IDFA Amsterdam 2016, Human Rights and Arts FF Melbourne 2017

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