Free Speech Fear Free

Free Speech Fear Free
reż. Tarquin Ramsay/UK/2016/86 min.
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“Free Speech Fear Free”, created by 20 year old Tarquin Ramsay, is for his  generation, with its updates, “likes”, tweets and its often cavalier approach to our essential and hard-won freedoms. It will describe the central role this freedom should have in our lives, and how we must fight and struggle to nurture and retain it.

Through the use of interviews with high profile experts, cases and life stories Tarquin has created a documentary exploring the truths behind freedom of speech, getting to the core of what it really is, what its like to have freedom taken away, and all the issues surrounding a right everyone takes for granted. The film studies the nature of censorship, hate speech and an important topic currently being heavily debated at the moment; privacy. The film answers questions such as to what extent should there be limitations on freedom of speech? Where should we draw the line between privacy and freedom of speech? – A question constantly being debated by politicians worldwide.


  • projection time:
    86 min.
  • country/year:
  • director:
    Tarquin Ramsay
  • pictures:
    Niels Ladefoged
  • production:
    Fear Free films
  • selected festivals and awards:
    DOCUTAH Raven Winner 2016: Best Foreign Film, IDFA Amsterdam 2016

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Free Speech Fear Free
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