reż. Bady Minck/Luxembourg/1996/16 min.

The film is shown in the block [2nd] Series of films by Bady Minck. More information on the in the calendar.

“Mécanomagie” describes the ancient circle of sowing, growing and harvesting; a universe composed of religion, rituals and the mysterious powers of nature. The film invades the collective conscious of a landscape: the Ardennes in the northern part of Luxembourg.

Simultaneously, the film tells us about the Jitzerten, humanoid beings zigzaging over trails and roads without being noticed by the indigenous inhabitants. “Mécanomagie” employs the techniques of stop-motion; it is a film about the encounter of time and space, about the expansion of perception and its deception. The surreal effects of pixillation create their own world, hallucinating as a strange dream…


  • projection time:
    16 min.
  • country/year:
  • director:
    Bady Minck
  • pictures:
  • production:
    Samsa Film Luxembourg
  • selected festivals and awards:
    IFF Rotterdam 1997

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