The Man with Modern Nerves

The Man with Modern Nerves
reż. Bady Minck, Stefan Stratil/Austria, Luxembourg/1988/7 min.

The film is shown in the block [3rd] Series of films by Bady Minck. More information on the in the calendar.

A high-speed journey through the spinal cord of Adolf Loos. Many filmmakers have filmed and cinematically portrayed the city, but only a few have worked with the architectural material itself. With that in mind, the case of the Luxembourgish directors Bady Minck and Stefan Stratil is quite exemplary.

For their film they built a model based on sketches by the architect Adolf Loos, which he had originally designed in 1923 for a city hall project in Mexico City. The step-pyramid of his sketches is not only animated in their mise en scène, but becomes involved in an abstract game of geometric forms, light and shadows, reminiscent of certain films of the twenties, like Oskar Fischinger’s “Orgelstäbe”. More than just an animation of the model, the film reveals Adolf Loos’s architectural concepts of surface and the volume of space.


  • projection time:
    7 min.
  • country/year:
    Austria, Luxembourg/1988
  • director:
    Bady Minck, Stefan Stratil
  • pictures:
  • production:
  • selected festivals and awards:
    FF Berlin 1989, IFF Cannes 1989

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