Corinna Belz

Corinna Belz studied philosophy, history of art and media sciences at Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She has written, directed numerous  film productions. Amongst her projects are LIFE AFTER MICROSOFT (2001), OTHER AMERICAN VOICES (2002, nominated for the Grimme-Prize, and awarded Filmpreis des Deutschen Anwaltvereins) and THREE WISHES (2005).

In 2009 she contributed an episode for 24H BERLIN, in 2013 to 24H JERUSALEM and in 2016 to 24H BAVARIA.

Her first film on Gerhard Richter’s work, DAS KÖLNER  DOMFENSTER (2007), was awarded the World Media Gold Award – Art Documentaries. The second film on Gerhard Richter’s work, GERHARD RICHTER PAINTIG (2011), won the German Filmprice in Gold. The film run nine weeks at the Filmforum in NY and was distributed in 68 American Cities. It was shown in France, Italy, Neatherlands, Great Britain, Poland and other European Countries. In 2016 her documentary 4xPARIS, PAULA MODERSOHN BECKER was shown five month at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Also in 2016 Corinna Belz film PETER HANDKE – IN THE WOODS MIGHT BE LATE (Worldsales The Match Factory) was presented at the Filmfestival Locarno, official Selection. A new collaboartion with Gehard Richter, the abstact movie RICHTERS PATTERNS premiered jn September at the Kölner Philharmonie together with a live music performance by the Ensemble Musikfabrik of the composer Marcus Schmickler.

Corinna Belz lives in Cologne.