Marcin Macuk

musician, composer, singer, music producer, film producer. Member of Music Industry Academy ZPAV. Owner of Emma Production company, chairman of Moozon Ltd. specialized in music production for movies and TV. Between 1994 and 2005 owner of recording studio and production company Elvis Van Tomato, based in Szczecin. Keyboarder, composer and music producer working with Pogodno band. In 1999, alias
Emma Cuk, recorded an album “Razem” with the Snuz band, which was nominated for Fryderyk award in The best rap/hip-hop album category. Composer, arranger and music producer working with Katarzyna Nosowska. Composer “O papierkach” and “Na ucho” from “Puk puk” album (1996).

Producer and composer of all tracks recorded on album UniSexBlues (2007) and “8” (2011). Album “Osiecka” (2008) was recorded solely under
his supervision. Arrangement author and producer of songs of Hey band recorded live for MTV Unplugged series. Arranger and music producer of
album “Kobiety” by Marek Dyjak. He also colaborated with Monika Brodka, Abradab, Kora Jackowska, Maryla Rodowicz. He co-produced an album
of Braty za Rakemna band. Received the Fryderyk award in 2008 for production of “Hey MTV Unplugged” album. Producer of “Pielgrzymka Psów“ .
Producer of music video for album”Mr. D” by Dorota Masłowska and music videos for Pogodno band form Szczecin. Score composer to all feature
movies directed by Marcin Wrona – “Moja Krew” (2009), „Chrzest”(2010), „Demon”(2015).